This morning I drive by the new vegan restaurant on Broad Street.  I think the name of the place is “The Well”.  They had a sign out that simply said “The Well” – nothing more, the sign did not mention that it was a restaurant, a vegetarian restaurant, nothing, just “The Well”.  Wouldn’t you think they would like people to know what the establishment is?  The sign was also in a artsy-fartsy font.  Listen, you’ve got two seconds to catch a person’s attention while they are driving by…make it as easy to read as possible.

Mrs. Crabby and I tried out “Opa!  Street Food” in the old Mauger’s Restaurant.  An obvious ripoff of the Chipotle restaurant style.  Rather than a burrito they sell an Opa witch is a flat bread that looks an awful like a tortilla.  You get your choice of meats, sauces, and veggies.  Rather than filling it up with rice like they do at Chipotle they put spaghetti on the Greek burrito.  You can also get a pasta bowl or salad with the same options.  I liked the freshness of the pasta bowl that I got but even with the spicy sauce that I got I found the food to be a bit bland.  Mrs. Crabby felt the same way.  Perhaps it was just that we did not know which combinations of meats, sauces, and vegetables went well together.  We will probably try it again sometime.  As always, not great parking.

I have a few concerns about the “Seven Miles” BBQ that will be opening in the old Spaghetti Shop restaurant.  They are:

  • I once walked, or tried to walk into their Circleville restaurant and they had forgotten to unlock the door.  This was about 12:15 PM.  The restaurant had been open since 11:00 and we were their first customer!  What is wrong with this picture?
  • They had folders on the counter soliciting investors in the Lancaster location.  Under capitalized?
  • The spaghetti shop is huge and probably costs a fortune to rent.  Big overhead.
  • I have found that their quality is inconsistent.  This could be a huge problem.

I wish them luck, but I do have my concerns.

Lastly, I have heard Taco Bell will be offering breakfast.  I assume that this must be for people that want diarrhea and can’t wait until lunch.